Thursday, August 30, 2007

Wedding Vows

This Saturday, we will head to David's 20 year class reunion, and while we are there we will celebrate having been married for three whole weeks! As I have mentioned before, I think we had the most perfect wedding I could imagine- it went just as we planned it. One of the most touching parts of the day for me (and I have heard others express the same), were the vows we exchanged.

We decided not to share our vows with each other before the ceremony- and I have to tell you this made the bride a little nervous. I did tell the groom they needed to be emailed to our two minister friends who would be doing the ceremony, hoping that they would tell me if the vows were totally dissimilar to mine. All the while the groom was making jokes to me about how he was going to include something about the UT Vols in his vows.

When we got to the vows part- we were shocked at how similar our vows were. They were similar in promises made, length, and general sweetness. I went first and made it through my own with out crying, but when it came time for Dave's, my lips quivered and tears started to form, and then fall. What a set of vows!

Without further ado- here they are, our vows:

Sunny's vows: David, in the grand scheme of things we have only known each other for a short time, but I feel like I have loved you forever-

Maybe you feel the same way and that’s why you told me you loved me on our third date.

I love you with my whole heart, and I promise to continue to love you, even when times are tough.

I vow to be patient with you- even if you’re not doing things exactly the same way I would do them.

I vow to laugh with you and enjoy life in all circumstances.

I promise to support and encourage you in all you do- to be behind you 100% as your life partner.

I promise to be faithful to you, to build a life and raise a family with you. And I promise to always keep God at the center of our family.

With God all things are possible, including a life of love and partnership.

I promise you all that I am and look forward to our future together with joy.

With God’s help, may we keep the vows we make to each other today now and forevermore.

David's vows:
I stand here today next you today, before God, family and friends

Having loved you my entire life

Even though we've only recently met

I vow to love, honor, trust and respect you, Sunny

To heed our counsel

To shield and protect you

To provide for you

To be your partner physically, emotionally, and spiritually

And to grow with you in these same areas

I vow to be your only husband

As well as realize I am only one of many that need you as a minister

I vow to be your best friend

As well as realize that you are too beautiful and kind not to share your friendship with others

And finally, Sunny, I vow

To smile for you when you can't

To cry for you when you won't

To slow the world down for you when it's going too fast

As well as carry you so it won't leave us behind

I vow to be your husband from today forward, without end.

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