Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lessons from good preachers continue

Once a month, in this time of sabbatical, we have lined up a guest preacher so that this little preacher might enjoy a mini-sabbatical from such duties. Also, we've invited back some preachers much beloved by this congregation. One such one is David Moore, Dee's father.

He preached about gratitude- how important it is to show it to others and God. The story was that of when Jesus healed the 10 lepers, but only one thought to give thanks and praise to God for his new found health.

I absorbed a couple of things from this sermon. One truth I knew already but Bro. Moore confirmed in my mind- great preachers are humble and they can, at times, admit their own inadequacies from the pulpit for the benefit of the audience. Basically his point was that showing gratitude is not always as easy as it sounds- we forget sometimes. He said, "you're looking at the worst offender." Good preachers admit they have faults.

Also I heard him talk about married couples- the first time I have heard couples addressed since I got married. This was just one example of how we sometimes forget to be grateful to those closest to us. He said, "Married couples- do you appreciate each other? Do you say thank you to the other one? Or does one of you have to walk the lonesome valley of being unappreciated?" Great words. And how true, that we often forget to properly appreciate those who do most for us.

I am grateful, for an amazing husband, for a family that loves me so well from several states away, for a church family that never ceases to amaze me with the way they care for each other, but most of all for a God with such abundant and amazing love. Amen.

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