Saturday, January 26, 2008

11th Hour Preacher Party

Ok, so I'm pretty sure this is the latest I've ever been working on a sermon. All I have done is an introduction- but I've done my research, and I've got a great outline- and I have come to a friend's house to retreat (she's not home for the weekend) so that I won't be distracted by home- you know, cooking, cleaning, watch the third season of LOST to get caught up for this Thursday! Oh yeah, and my wonderful husband. He's so cute and lovable that its just downright distracting.

I feel great today- probably because my brain and soul got a break from my job yesterday (except for one hospital visit). David and I went to the big city (Nashville of course) so that I could do my once a month therapy appointment (so wonderful- I think everyone should do psychotherapy), and we had dinner at a wonderful restaurant with some old friends and new friends of mine. Good times.

So, I'm ready to write, about being "fishers of people." That wonderful story in Matthew of Jesus calling some of the first disciples to hang out with him- and the left their nets IMMEDIATELY (really? That's what it says!) and followed him. How disruptive is God's call! Pretty disruptive I'd say. So, that's what I'll be exploring, God's wonderful yet disruptive call. With a little help from the film, "Evan Almighty," that David and I watched on Thursday. We loved it- it was wonderfully cheesy- with a good message and one the whole family could watch. So rent it I say!

Check back tomorrow- there will probably be a sermon on here for the first time in two months! I've got some Dunkin' Donuts coffee brewing and some Luna Bars should I need a snack- so- go preacher go!

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