Thursday, January 3, 2008

5 Things from 2007

Nearly a week late, I am writing today to respond the the "Friday Five" topic from last Friday. So here are 5 amazing things that happened in 2007:

1. I got married! I was the recipient of so much joy, love and care as I planned my wedding. Last year at this time I was picking my dress, looking at bride magazines, and asking those I love to "Save the Date." Now, I am an old, settled, and happy married woman. I love spending time with my husband and treasure the gift that he is to me.

2. I survived the three-month sabbatical of my senior minister. Not only did I survive but I delighted in all the acts of ministry I was able to do. I enjoyed preaching 10 Sundays during that 13-week period. I enjoyed planning a special worship service for World Wide Communion Sunday and having that go well. Although I ran ragged and probably missed a few people, I was able to be at a lot of hospital bedsides and in people's homes. I went on our all church hiking and camping trip for the first time- and it was wonderful. Also I got to see others in the church come forward and lead ministry- it was a team effort and our fearless leader has returned to us rested and renewed- with clearer boundaries and more focus. The sabbatical also affirmed in me the vocational clarity that I was not cut out to be a solo pastor- I love being a part of a team ministry. This clarity is helpful!

3. I preached my first funeral service. What an important ministry. I was able to walk with a family in a very dark time, and then celebrate the life of one of God's beloved at his memorial service. I think the balloon release at the end was one of my favorite parts. All those bright colors moving heavenward helped us truly celebrate a life well lived.

4. I directed a week of high school church camp. I am pleased that it went well, in part to my leadership, but also the amazing leadership of my co-director and the other wonderful counselors. Many of my dearest friends were at that camp- it was surely a "mountain top" experience for me as church camp always is. I hope that it was also transformational for the youth that participated.

5. I started a public blog. Who knows where this adventure will lead. I'm not sure how public it actually is, but I do thank my 3 or 4 devoted readers! (Thanks Mom, Grandma, Mr. Roberts!) Beginning this writing was a step for me, perhaps someday it will be pre-writing for a book. Even if nothing else comes of it, I love having a space to think theologically and write about ministry. A place to ramble about my life's passion.

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