Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Today is the beginning of our 40 day journey (not including Sundays which are "little Easters") toward the empty tomb, the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Today will be a day to burn the palm leaves from last years Palm Sunday, they always have a pungent odor. Perhaps they give us a taste of the bitterness to come. This is a bitter sweet season, because we prepare ourselves to be solemn and serious as we remember the final days of Jesus' life, but as Christians we cannot help but anticipate the resounding "Yes!" of the resurrection. Like the spring, Easter reminds us that death, darkness, depression, hopelessness- they never have the last word. God is in the background of our lives waiting with joy, happiness, community and a resounding "yes!".

In our church, we plan to make it a 40 day journey of love. We plan to learn with one another more of what Jesus taught and to treat each other with kindness and love during this time of solemnness and penitence.

So, tonight we will confess our sins and commit ourselves to new disciplines and practices. We don't do this because Christianity is harsh and about beating ourselves up for our wrongs, we do it because we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are forgiven before we ask for it. We gather and commit because we want to know God more fully, and part of that means journeying with Jesus- even through the dark times.

For myself, I commit to write some theological thoughts here each day during Lent. I have to admit I stole the idea from my husband, you can find his thoughts here:

I also am committing to writing in my journal each night- I plan to do the prayer of Examen and ask myself these three questions:
What am I most grateful for today?
What am I least grateful for today?
Where did I see God today?
This will help me notice God in my everyday life- God is always around us, but sometimes we fail to notice the holy presence.

I also plan to spend a little less time on facebook- and more time in prayer!
What will you commit to from now until Easter???

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