Friday, February 27, 2009

Sermon writing

It isn't easy to write a sermon. I love it- but it isn't easy. The hardest thing for me is the focus, I may have done research all week, read the scripture everyday, prayed and thought about it, and yet when I come before my blank computer screen- I get nervous-excited once again.

Today I will have to drown out the thoughts of all the other things I need to do: help David clean, get ready for my first big Mary Kay party tomorrow, my voice lesson this afternoon, the still nagging pain in my hip/ hind quarters. I have to lay all of this down temporarily and invite the Holy Spirit to join me.

My prayer usually goes something like this:
God, I know you have a word to speak. This week I will humbly step into the pulpit to preach on prayer- guide me each step of the way. Speak a word through me that someone, maybe not everyone, but someone (including myself) needs to hear. Send your Holy Spirit to infuse me with creativity as we create this together. Thank you for your abundant love. Amen!

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