Thursday, March 5, 2009


Well, I have been trying to post some theological thought each day but today I have been preoccupied by the fact that I was going to the ENT to see about my tonsils. What my GP suspected is true- I need them out. Or as the specialist said, "I think it would really benefit you." Do you know what the recovery time is for a 32 year old who has to have her tonsils out? 10 days! I thought he was kidding when he said it would take 10 days for me to recover. I guess that is the reason 5 year-olds do this and not middle-aged women. Great, now I'm middle-aged.

The only God- thing I see in all this is that people are praying for me. It feels so good to me when someone tells me they've been praying for me. I love it. When someone tells me that I usually say, "I treasure your prayers." And I do, prayers are something to be treasured. This week in my sermon I challenged people to pray for someone else each day- how cool that I got to be the recipient- God is good! I love it when my congregation nurtures me- how awesome.

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