Monday, August 31, 2009

Writing a bit

My sister-in-law gave me a couple of great books for my birthday. One of them is called, "Writing to Change the World" by Mary Pipher.

Here's my first one from the chapter on knowing yourself. This is "Where I'm From"...

I am from Luanne and Doug.
From a little suburb that is now a big one, Blue Springs, Missouri;
from neighborhoods and the end of cul-de-sac.

I am from storytelling grandparents who love rich and deep.
From church on Sunday morning, giving your tithe, visiting the sick and loving your neighbor.
I am from Disciples of Christ with a little recovering Baptist thrown in for good measure.

I am from laughter, and family game night, and trips to the theater.
From eat a whole package of cookies on a weekend evening after “being good” all week.

I am from divorce, and remarriage. From many people who are technically labeled “step” and “half” but feel entirely “whole” to me.

I am from the safety and love of family. From seeing the value of staying close, and then being brave enough to venture out into the world on my own.

I am from a flat and landlocked area of the country and that is why I stand with mouth wide open when I see mountains and beaches.

I am from riding my big wheel down the street, trading baseball cards with the boys, taking matchbox cars in my purse to my first day of Kindergarten.

I am from the oblivious nerdiness of high school when I was so sure of myself that I didn’t even know that I was a nerd. I am from band, and theater, and Students Against Drunk Driving, and church choir.

I am from every person is worthy of love, no matter their difference from me.

I am from strong women, and sensitive, supportive men.

And lately I am from the South. From hospitality and beautiful rolling hills. From church potluck dinners and everyone is family. I am from a slower pace of life and church league softball and “I love you’s” said frequently. I am from take care of one another.

This is what I’m from.


dee said...

yes ma'am
i love where you are from and how you are
i am blessed to be a part of you

Robyn H. said...

Wow! That's powerful! Great job Sunny.

Anonymous said...

WOW! .....yeah WOW!