Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A cool compliment

I had a very big ministry compliment over the weekend when I received this email:

Hello Sunny,

My name is Catherine (leaving her last name out) and I am a college student in Memphis Tennessee. I am currently writing a paper for my Early Christian Literature class and I have decided to compare a sermon from early Christianity on Lazarus and the rich man to a contemporary sermon on the same topic. I came across your sermon on this topic on the internet and I was planning on using it in my paper. First I wanted to make sure I have your permission to do that. Secondly, I wanted to get the name of the church that you are a minister at and/or what denomination you are so that I can use that information in my paper to characterize the sermon I am writing about.


Awesome! That was a really neat compliment to me. I remember writing this sermon in part while I was on retreat at Bethany Fellows. It was in the midst of my senior minister's sabbatical when I was preaching almost every week. That had a nice rhythm to it and made it easier in some ways. Click here to go to that sermon.

And by the way I think it is really cool that if you google "rich man and lazarus sermon" my blog comes up on the first page.

I must run- there are newsletter articles to be written! Thanks for making me feel famous Catherine!


divinitygirl said...

that's really cool, sunny! and catherine sounds like a rhodent to me...

Audrey said...

very cool!!!!

Jessa said...

clearly, you rock.

Rachel Rev said...

you ARE famous!!