Sunday, August 26, 2007

Take a Little With You

This morning was bitter-sweet. Dee gave a great sermon on preparing for the journey. Then she did it; she stepped boldly into the unknown land we call sabbatical. There are all kinds of feelings in the church about this- from whole-hearted support to jealousy and resentment. However, her time has come, time for sabbath and renewal. One gift we gave her was for the Praise Band to play, "Take A Little With You." Written by our friend Tom Schuyler in Nashville- some of the words say: "Break the bread, and fill the cup- we're never gonna use it up, So take a little with you when you go."

It was bittersweet of course. Dee and I do not have well defined boundaries between our professional and personal lives- we are best friends, or as she would say, "runnin' buddies." Again, I look forward to this time for her, and this time for us- myself and the other church leaders as we stretch ourselves and grow. One sweet gift I received this morning was one church member telling me she was going to be praying for me. She said, "Everybody's praying for Dee, and I'm praying for her too, but I'm also praying for you. Your buddy's going away!" I will treasure her prayers, and those of many others I know are praying for me. I feel ready, I feel up to the challenge... but tomorrow's Monday- we shall see!

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