Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Settling Back In And Gearing Up

I am home this week, back from a wonderful, restful honeymoon in Longboat Key, Florida. Back with my new husband in our new house. There is much to be done at home as we continue to combine households. But life is good, and sweet. God is good as well.

On the church front, I returned to my regular Wednesday practice of spending some time in silence and prayer at home before I come into the office. During that time I was keenly aware of what a blessing my church is to me, and how it is home. I have been here longer than the time I was in Divinity School, and longer than I was an elementary school teacher (each three years). I have been the associate pastor for three years and three months- what a holy amount of time.

Also in my prayers today was my co-pastor and friend. She begins her three month sabbatical next Monday. I wish her all God's blessings of rest and renewal and the surprising joy that comes with being able to listen to God more.

For the rest of us, the church leaders and myself, I pray for strength and grace to carry out God's plans for our church. We have all been given gifts- I pray that we would have the wisdom to use them. That we might learn new gifts, along with the challenges. That we might be pleasantly surprised by what God has in store for us in these three months before Advent.

It will be an interesting journey for sure.

As my friend Rob has been know to remind us, "Sabbath was a commandment, not a suggestion." May it be so for all of us.

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