Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Newsletter Article this week

As a dodge ball whizzed passed my head last Thursday night, I thought about all the wonderful things that have been happening at First Christian while Dee has been on sabbatical. We are now more than halfway through with Dee’s sabbatical and the people of First Christian have stepped up to the support the ministries of the church in amazing ways. Here are just a few I can think of:

  1. Wednesday Night Live- Our Wednesday night program is vital and thriving. We are being fed so well by Waymon and Faye, we delight in the music provided by the Praise Team and Band members, and our classes are full. Thank you to our hardworking teachers: John , Josh and Emily, Eva, Mary, Cynthia, Annette and Lori . We still have a ministry opportunity available for someone to teach the K-2nd grade class.
  2. Youth Ministry- I know you’ve noticed the freshly painted and furnished Chi-Rho room that has been transformed by Eva and the Chi-Rho group. But had you noticed all the youth activities last week? Sunday was the 4-8 grade Corn Maze trip and lock-in. Then Wednesday night the 6-12 graders went to serve dinner at the Rescue Mission with sponsors- Josh and Emily, Eva, Lori and David. Then Thursday night was the first ever CYF vs. Believer’s class challenge. That’s why a dodge ball whizzed by my head- because the adults were almost humiliated by the dodge ball talents of our own CYF (I say almost, because if you had seen Justin's Riverdance moves you’d have been impressed). A great time of fellowship was had by all- and the “old people” did have a chance to redeem themselves in a few other games. A special thanks to the youth sponsors and the Believers class for making youth ministry happen in such amazing ways during this sabbatical time.
  3. Worship- I have had a lot of help in worship lately! I have had Elders stepping forward to do Communion meditations. There have been lots of folks who have helped with children’s sermons, and a variety of lay leaders who have enhanced our worship.

What I have learned about our church from sabbatical: We are a healthy place with individuals who are committed to the ministries of this church. We have a heart for taking care of one another as a church family, and also spreading Christ’s love in the community.

What I have learned about myself: I love leading worship and have really enjoyed the opportunity to preach more frequently. I also love being a part of a team ministry and will love it when Dee comes back!

Thank you for the all the ways you minister with me- you bless me greatly!


Sunny B. Ridings.

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