Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Happy baptismaversary to me

Guess what today is? It's the anniversary of my baptism. On October 23, 1988 I was immersed in the baptismal waters. That's when I took "the plunge" in my home congregation of First Christian Church- Blue Springs, MO. It was in the "old" sanctuary, with movable chairs and the like- now it is the fellowship hall. This is the part of my story where I came back to church after my parents had quit going for a little while and I threatened to go and be a Mormon (their church was close to our house) if someone didn't take me to church. Church was in my blood. That crazy little, sometime messed up community that Jesus so-loved: the church.

I remember the minister joked about cracking the ice off the water just for me. It wasn't really cold at all as I recall- but a bit shocking maybe. Baptism floods you with a new life that you really can't fully understand at the time. Baptism simply means- I believe in God, and I experience that God through Christ Jesus, and I plan to do everything in my power to try to follow him. I'm going to screw up, and fall off the path sometimes, and Grace and Love (many times in the form of other important humans in my life) will be there to guide me back.

At this stage in my life I am so grateful for that community that witnessed my baptism. For the Elders that signed the papers (one of them was my grandmother), for the people who made sure I got to that point, and for all the communities that have held me in their care since that time. Today I reaffirm that commitment- to follow Jesus the best way I know how, even when it's hard, and people think I'm crazy, and even when calling myself a Christian makes people immediately think that I am a close-minded bigot. It's my job to help break down those stereotypes, by living my faith and proclaiming God's love in my speech and my actions.

Happy baptismaversary to me. 19 years as a baptized Christian- cool.

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