Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dog funnies

This post is just for fun- and to make up for the fact that I didn't post yesterday (I'm trying to each day during Lent). On Friday I got a hilarious email from my friend Audrey. Audrey is my dear friend and a dog lover. In fact, she rescued our dog while she and Kara and their dogs were on a hike together. Dolly followed them for four miles, so they cleaned her up and Audrey took her to the vet, and then she found the perfect home for her (with us!).

Around Christmas time, Audrey came over to visit and brought her dog Maddie. Maddie is an awesome dog, but like all adopted dogs, she has issues. About five minutes into her visit with Dolly- they got to play/fighting and Maddie bit Dolly's ear making it bleed and putting four tiny holes in it. Dolly was fine, but it made for a traumatic event at the time.

Here is the email I received on Friday from Maddie (via Audrey's address):

i am very sorry that i have such a short fuse. i really enjoyed the time with you and your family in livingston over christmas. i liked your house and the yard was fun to play in. i really wanted to have a good time with you but i am afraid that my own insecurities got the better of me. i am sorry about your ear and i want you to know how much i enjoy being around you even though i ended up making you think i was scary.

as my mom and i enter into the lenten season, i am ever aware of my own limitations as a dog. i am aware of my own sinful nature and i just wanted to apologize to you for any pain and suffering - especially the loss of all that blood. boy was that gross.

after thinking it over, i decided to make you konw how much i do appreciate you as a friend and feel sorry for my actions, you should be expecting a package in the mail. it is just a little something i thought was cool that i hoped you would enjoy.

by the way - don't tell my mom about it because i ordered it when she was at work. she has no idea i am computer savvy and if she finds out that i am, she might start expecting me to pull my own weight around here, so don't tell her!

alright, have a good day and lick your parents for me!



Here is Dolly's response:

I'm so glad you came to visit me over Christmas- things got a little hectic, a little crazy- but all in all friends are what the Christmas season is all about.

My mom sometimes preaches me her sermon and sometimes she preaches about forgiveness. I want you to know that just as God forgives all of us, I forgive you. In fact, I've already forgiven you seven times seventy (which is really only like one times ten since we're dogs).

I am forever indebted to you and your mom for talking that walk one day in the woods. She's really my Savior, although I'm fond of Jesus as well.

I love presents! Thanks for thinking of me. I won't tell about your computer aptitude if you won't tell about mine- I sometimes do blog posts on my mom and dad's blogs when they're not looking- ha!

You are welcome at our house anytime. Grace abounds (but not that mean cat kind of Grace that you live with).

Much love,

I love when dogs send emails!

This is Audrey and Dolly!


Elisa Harris said...

That is awesome. I had to lead children's church today (yes, me teaching 8 3 year olds) so thanks for the mini-sermon!

Audrey said...

i am honored maddie made the blog! she is a riot - i don't know how she types so well, but i guess it has something to do with her owner being so multi-talented too! keep up the blogging!

Tiffany said...

i love this! what a great sermon it would make...

or perhaps dolly and maddie should write a book on friendship. i bet it would be a hit.