Monday, March 2, 2009

Sometimes we're all talk

Sometimes in our spiritual journey we are all talk. Tonight I came across a small labyrinth that I bought last time I was in Asheville, NC. I was pretty convinced I would use it everyday, and there it lays, still in the bag.

I have found labyrinths, especially the kind you prayerfully walk outdoors, a very useful spiritual tool. Walking the pattern toward the center slowly and carefully can help your mind focus on your journey with God.

Once I went to a workshop about walking labyrinths. It was hosted by a church that has a beautiful outdoor labyrinth, and part of why I signed up was so that I would make sure I had time to walk it. The facilitator of the group talked for an hour and 15 minutes and we never did get to walk it! All talk- no action!

I feel like sometimes we are like that about the journey of Lent. Sometimes we like to complain about how much we miss whatever we have given up, but it really has no purpose. We don't spend time in prayer, we don't tell God we're sorry for when we fall short, we just whine about how much we miss sugar, or soda, or potatoes, or facebook (I decided AGAINST giving that up this year).

I hope that for each of us, the spiritual life isn't all talk. I hope there is some action in our lives with God. Whether its prayer on our own behalf or someone else's, reading the Bible or a devotion book, prayerfully walking a labyrinth, or spending time in silence. May we "do" more than we "talk" this Lent.

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