Thursday, April 25, 2013

Shed Your Sadness

"Shed your sadness," it was almost as if the prairie wind/ Holy Spirit was saying it audibly. I finally had the chance to walk the labyrinth at my new home this afternoon. Despite a snowy start to our week it is currently a beautiful, sunny day in the 60's at Kaleo today.  The labyrinth was one of the things that sold me on coming here- almost as if I was being given the chance to live at my own personal retreat center year-round. Yes, its a great gig getting to hang out with my husband, David who is the Facility Administrator for Kamp Kaleo on the River.

"Shed your sadness" is a heavy invitation for me.  I've been carrying an extra measure so far this year.  I'm not generally a sad person, but my life has been heavy so far in 2013. Part of that is that my husband and I spent three months apart, as he left in January to start this new adventure.  Part of my sadness is the grief of leaving my beloved church family in Livingston, Tennessee.  I can't imagine a sweeter place to be in ministry for nine years. And the most recent sadness is the cumbersome weight of my Cousin Brian's death from Multiple Myeloma, a blood cancer. Last week, at his request, I officiated his funeral service.  Although we celebrated as best we could, a 47 year old's cancer related death is sad- there is no doubt whatsoever about that.

And so I brought some sadness with me to Nebraska  but I have been invited to shed it and with God's help, I will. I will welcome spring, cherish the time with my husband and I will continue to ask the puzzling question, "How did I get so lucky that I get to LIVE at church camp?"

I get to live here, at Kaleo, which is new to me but sacred ground for many friends in the DOC/UCC world.  David, the dogs and I get to make this three bedroom house our home.  We get to enjoy the river, to walk the labyrinth whenever we want to, and most of all to enjoy the sacredness of this place that many others would claim as their spiritual home.

It's as if I've been invited to a permanent sabbatical- and I'm going to try to appreciate every second of it. Thank you, God!
The Labyrinth (with peace pole at its center)

Our house!

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Audrey Connor said...

love it. i am glad you had time to do the labrynthe today!